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My personal development journey has been exciting to say the least. I have had the pleasure and joy of blogging about my wins and struggles along my journey on this platform. The company that I partner with in my home based business is running a VERY EXCITING offer! We are blogging for our dream car! We have been invited to blog about our wins and experiences with the company, training & product line for a chance to win $1500/month for a year towards our dream car! I already have the car picked out and am looking forward to collecting the prize! I would absolutely love your support. Please visit the link below and share your comments. Your insight into my wins and personal development is of great value to me and I would be thrilled to read your comments. Until next time!



Being Open to Possibility

One of my goals for this year is to read more Personal Development and Self Empowerment books. In the past I have experienced major breakthroughs from applying personal development strategies to different areas of my life. I have chosen a word to represent my 2014 – that word is “possibility.” I told my good friend and colleague and she immediately suggested that I read the book “The Art of Possibility’ by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander. I am only 70 pages in and already I have been absolutely blown away and enlightened with what I’ve read. I wanted to share with you this passage from the book that really resonated with me. Sometimes in life we feel like we are being taken off course from our destination – we need to remain open to the possibility that we are heading to exactly where we need to be.

“Four young men sit by the bedside of their dying father. The old man, with his last breath, tells them there is a huge treasure buried in the family fields. The sons crowd around him crying, “Where, where?” but it is too late. The day after the funeral and for many days to come, the young men go out with their picks and shovels and turn the soil, digging deeply into the ground from one end of each field to the other. They find nothing and, bitterly disappointed, abandon the search. The next season the farm has its best harvest ever.” – Benjamin Zander, from “The Art of Possbility”

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content thus far!

Facing My Fears!

In the Success Education/Personal Development curriculum I use daily, the current exercise I am working on in centred around fear. The exercise asks that you list your top fears then develop an action plan detailing how you will take on your fears and ultimately overcome them. This is a super-confronting exercise for me as I often hide behind my fears and use them as excuses for not doing something. I have decided to complete the exercise before the end of the year!

My three top fears include – 1) mice (yes, they are small but fierce!) 2) drowning (even though I am an avid scuba diver I have never really felt all that comfortable in the water) 3) walking alone at night (too many murder/rape stories). So there it is. I find it rather confronting even to list them out publicly. The fact that I am announcing not only my fears but my planned decision to confront them holds me rather accountable!

Here is my proposed plan of action to conquer my fears. 1) Mice- My best friend Chelsey had a pet rat growing up (yuck!). I have asked her to accompany me to our local pet store to hold mice/rats to overcome my fear. She will be there not only for moral support but also for the safety of the animals in case I decide to drop one! 2) Drowning- My mom and I are enrolling in swimming lessons at our local pool. I feel that in gaining confidence in the water and improving my skills the fear of drowning will dissipate. 3) Walking alone at night – This one will need to be confronted head on. I will walk alone at night around our neighbourhood. I will wear bright colours, bring my cell phone and tell my husband my route so that he can expect me home at a certain time.

I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I am to confront these fears. There have been so many situations in recent years where I felt that these fears were holding me back tremendously. Wish me luck!


Take a look around you at your current results throughout the different areas in your life : health, relationships, finance, spiritual. Are you satisfied with the results? Look back on your past actions, did they reflect your goals? If you are unsatisfied with your weight, did you eat unhealthy foods in the past to contribute to your current state? The answer is yes. Just as your past actions contribute to your current state, your current actions are creating your future state and results.

This can often be a hard pill to swallow – knowing that what we are doing today is ultimately creating the future we will experience tomorrow and on wards. This can also be a very empowering realization. You are the only person that can mold your future. Your actions today have a direct correlation with the future you experience moving forward. It is common for us to say “I’ll start that diet tomorrow…” or “Once the New Year rolls around I’ll get a gym membership…” Do not subscribe to this way of thinking. If you are looking to achieve better results in any area of your life, the key is to get started now. Start taking the action to move you towards the goal today, not tomorrow. You are simply prolonging the reward by holding off the appropriate actions.

The first is to write down a list of your goals across the different areas in your life. From there, identify actions that you can be taking TODAY to bring you closer to your goal. The sooner you take the actions the sooner you will realize your goals.

Taking on a New Perspective

For the last couple of weeks I have been taking an hour long walk in the mornings; mostly for the exercise, but also to clear my mind and take some time out to visualize my goals. I have been taking the same route most days so yesterday I decided to approach the route from the other direction. Such a simple, but interesting concept came to light for me. As I was passing different houses, parked cars and streets I found that my thoughts led me in a new direction. I began to see things differently in my mind just as I was seeing things differently in my reality on the walk.

I began to think about all of the activities that I engage in the same way day in and day out. How could I benefit from approaching them in a different way? Would I also begin to see things differently and possibly gain a new perspective? I think as humans living in a fast-paced digital world we become used to the routine and mundane tasks that we engage in each day. Changing the way we experience these tasks could give us more than just a little excitement, perhaps it could even offer us a change in perspective and an opportunity we haven’t been open to before.

I challenge you to switch up your morning commute to work, change the order of your morning routine, change your dinner time, say yes to something you might normally say no to. Any of these little changes could dramatically impact your life in a positive way. If we want change to occur, then we must also change. 

The Lessons of Entrepreneurship

“Don’t just let your business or your job make something for you; let it make something of you.” – Jim Rohn

I read this quote this morning by the amazing Jim Rohn. I often quote or reference Jim Rohn in my blog entries. He has certainly been a massive influence on my personal development and business success journey. Rohn was a big believer that “You should work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” This is so true and often what separates the wealthy from the masses. We are told to learn something new everyday, but how often do we put it into practice?

The quote that I plucked out today reminds of the reasons why I set out to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be the most challenging experience a person will face. It is met with adversity, scepticism, fear and mostly doubt. Many people around you will make you feel like you are unworthy or incapable of creating the success you are out to create. Most of whom go out to start their own business will fail. They fail because they give up. The journey and the obstacles were too hard to overcome and they gave into the monkey chatter from the people around them who were convinced to see them fail.

Being an entrepreneur has many advantages. The most rewarding advantage to date for me has been the challenges along the way. The end goal is no doubt exciting, but it is the little lessons that we learn along the way that are truly the reward. Rohn says to ensure that your job or business make something of you…well I think if you are an entrepreneur then this is certainly the case. Embrace all of the adversity and challenges that come your way – they are, after all, there to see you grow and improve on your journey.

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