Personal Growth and Development

Taking on a New Perspective

For the last couple of weeks I have been taking an hour long walk in the mornings; mostly for the exercise, but also to clear my mind and take some time out to visualize my goals. I have been taking the same route most days so yesterday I decided to approach the route from the other direction. Such a simple, but interesting concept came to light for me. As I was passing different houses, parked cars and streets I found that my thoughts led me in a new direction. I began to see things differently in my mind just as I was seeing things differently in my reality on the walk.

I began to think about all of the activities that I engage in the same way day in and day out. How could I benefit from approaching them in a different way? Would I also begin to see things differently and possibly gain a new perspective? I think as humans living in a fast-paced digital world we become used to the routine and mundane tasks that we engage in each day. Changing the way we experience these tasks could give us more than just a little excitement, perhaps it could even offer us a change in perspective and an opportunity we haven’t been open to before.

I challenge you to switch up your morning commute to work, change the order of your morning routine, change your dinner time, say yes to something you might normally say no to. Any of these little changes could dramatically impact your life in a positive way. If we want change to occur, then we must also change. 

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