Personal Growth and Development

I have just come off of a great personal development training call that was addressing the power of now. The future is now. Every moment of everyday we have the opportunity to shape our future, change the outcome. How often would we rather put something off until tomorrow? Putting things off until tomorrow is only delay the gratification of our results even more. Why not do it today and bring the result even closer? This is HUGE! Procrastination has been such a massive stopper for me in my life. I have always given myself permission to put things off until later, tomorrow, next week, NEVER! 

Procrastination doesn’t only delay gratification and achievement, it also reinforces to our subconscious our inability to follow through. Just as we would lose faith in a friend that lets us down continuously, we also lose faith in ourselves. Why not follow through and show yourself that you are capable of getting the job done and achieving the end result? It is really that simple, do it now….or do it later. It’s up to you. When would you like to succeed? Today or tomorrow?

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