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I am often reminded during my yoga practice to be present in my body. We are encouraged to be present in the moment and listen to our bodies. I consider my yoga practice to be an hour and a half long moving meditation as I focus on being present in the moment and in my body.

My Jim Rohn weekly newsletter came to my inbox last week with the reminder to be present. He said “Wherever you are, be there.” This applies to yoga, work, time spent with loved ones, etc. Wherever you find yourself in a particular moment, challenge yourself to stay in that moment and do not let your mind wander to other things, tasks or “to-dos” that you need to get done. If you allocate your time effectively and balance it between work and play, you will not find the need to stray from the moment.

I work very hard on this and am still working on its mastery. Due to the fact that I am self-employed, I often find my mind wandering from the present and thinking about my business, a phone call I need to return or an email I need to write. It is bad practice as I am not giving my current circumstance my full and undivided attention. Instead of fulling enjoying the moment, I divide my attention in 10 different directions, never really accomplishing anything.

Jim also said, “Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of attention. On the way to work, concentrate on the way – not the work. Pay attention. Don’t just stagger through the day.”

I challenge you to take this on board over the next week. In what areas of your life can you become more present. Think of the people and the situations that have been suffering due to your lack of attention. Take on the challenge and measure your results.

Comments on: "Wherever You Are, Be There!" (3)

  1. I was sharing this concept with someone today. Great reading this blog post, sharing the same thing.

  2. I like this post – I need to be reminded to live in the moment a bit more. Probably lots of people do. Thanks.

  3. Jim Rohn was the man! Always bring great value! Thx for sharing!

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