Personal Growth and Development

Facing My Fears!

In the Success Education/Personal Development curriculum I use daily, the current exercise I am working on in centred around fear. The exercise asks that you list your top fears then develop an action plan detailing how you will take on your fears and ultimately overcome them. This is a super-confronting exercise for me as I often hide behind my fears and use them as excuses for not doing something. I have decided to complete the exercise before the end of the year!

My three top fears include – 1) mice (yes, they are small but fierce!) 2) drowning (even though I am an avid scuba diver I have never really felt all that comfortable in the water) 3) walking alone at night (too many murder/rape stories). So there it is. I find it rather confronting even to list them out publicly. The fact that I am announcing not only my fears but my planned decision to confront them holds me rather accountable!

Here is my proposed plan of action to conquer my fears. 1) Mice- My best friend Chelsey had a pet rat growing up (yuck!). I have asked her to accompany me to our local pet store to hold mice/rats to overcome my fear. She will be there not only for moral support but also for the safety of the animals in case I decide to drop one! 2) Drowning- My mom and I are enrolling in swimming lessons at our local pool. I feel that in gaining confidence in the water and improving my skills the fear of drowning will dissipate. 3) Walking alone at night – This one will need to be confronted head on. I will walk alone at night around our neighbourhood. I will wear bright colours, bring my cell phone and tell my husband my route so that he can expect me home at a certain time.

I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I am to confront these fears. There have been so many situations in recent years where I felt that these fears were holding me back tremendously. Wish me luck!


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