Personal Growth and Development

Take a look around you at your current results throughout the different areas in your life : health, relationships, finance, spiritual. Are you satisfied with the results? Look back on your past actions, did they reflect your goals? If you are unsatisfied with your weight, did you eat unhealthy foods in the past to contribute to your current state? The answer is yes. Just as your past actions contribute to your current state, your current actions are creating your future state and results.

This can often be a hard pill to swallow – knowing that what we are doing today is ultimately creating the future we will experience tomorrow and on wards. This can also be a very empowering realization. You are the only person that can mold your future. Your actions today have a direct correlation with the future you experience moving forward. It is common for us to say “I’ll start that diet tomorrow…” or “Once the New Year rolls around I’ll get a gym membership…” Do not subscribe to this way of thinking. If you are looking to achieve better results in any area of your life, the key is to get started now. Start taking the action to move you towards the goal today, not tomorrow. You are simply prolonging the reward by holding off the appropriate actions.

The first is to write down a list of your goals across the different areas in your life. From there, identify actions that you can be taking TODAY to bring you closer to your goal. The sooner you take the actions the sooner you will realize your goals.

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