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Jump Higher!

Fleas are pretty impressive creatures. They are capable of jumping 200 times their body length! When placed in a jar with a lid, they will jump and hit the lid of the jar. They will do this a number of times until they learn only to jump as high as the height of the lid. Eventually, even when the lid is removed from the jar, the flea’s jump will never exceed the height of the jar. They have been conditioned for so long that they no longer try to reach their jumping potential. Isn’t this true of humans too? Often, when we fail at something or are denied an opportunity, we never decide to try or challenge it again. We become complacent with the walls that have been built up around us. Just like the flea, we once had big dreams, but have been conditioned to accept only what we have. It is so easy for us to just put a lid on our goals or our dreams and only accomplish what is mediocre. Think of someone great that you admire, that achieved something extraordinary. I bet this person did not see the lid; they kept jumping higher and higher until they got what they wanted. Do you think Thomas Edison, when drawing up his plans for the light bulb, listened to people when they thought his idea was ludicrous, impossible and crazy!? No, he was clear on his vision and kept jumping. Many of the inventors and entrepreneurs that created much of the conveniences that we use on a daily basis were these types of people. They did not see a lid, a barrier…they only saw possibility.

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