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Are you familiar with the concept of “Future Self”? It is basically the ability to have communication with the future “best” version of ourself, or the version of ourself that has arrived at the goal or the desired result. This has been a powerful concept for me in my journey of Personal Development. It is amazing to know that in my future there exists a version of me that has accomplished what I am setting out to accomplish. When in doubt whether to take action or not my future self always says “DO IT!” Either way, the action will undoubtedly bring me to the future version of myself….and ultimately, that is exactly where I want to be.

The contrary of “Future Self” is “Former Self”. As you can probably guess, former self is the past version of you that has lead you to where you are now. Most of us are glad to have evolved from our former selves to where we are now. I find myself sometimes angry or disappointed with my former self about the decisions that I made or didn’t make. This, however, is not constructive for the evolution into my future self. In order to truly move in the direction of our future self we must learn to forgive our former selves and move forward from there.

Recently, I have really forgiven my former self. I have forgiven her for the mistakes and the decisions she made. Ultimately she is the reason that I am exactly where I am today and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. My past decisions are exactly what I needed to experience to grow and evolve. We must also understand that our former selves were only doing the best that they could with the knowledge they had. That’s why it is important to learn from our mistakes and continue to learn about ourselves and our true potential.

I have forgiven my former self and thanked her for bringing me to where I am and I am grateful. If you are feeling resentment towards your former self or are having trouble moving towards your future self, perhaps it is time to write your former self a letter and forgive them and thank them for all of the past decisions that were made to bring you to this point. Our journeys are a beautiful thing, keep learning!




Comments on: "Discussions With My Former Self" (4)

  1. This is beautiful and powerful. Thanks for posting. You’ve got me thinking about saying goodbye to my former self, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. Letting go of the person I was to help me move on to the person I am becoming…or do I take him with me?

    • I love your question. I don’t know that it is that easy to just leave our former self behind. I think we will always have them within us. The forgiveness turns the weight of their existence into welcomed companionship along our journey of life. Once we forgive and offer gratitude we no longer need to feel threatened or guilty for their past actions.

  2. Great blog post Lise!

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