Personal Growth and Development

Five days a week I am grateful to be a part of live and interactive training calls for my online business. Being in business can sometimes be a scary and overwhelming experience. This tends to be alleviated when you have the opportunity to mastermind and learn from experienced and successful entrepreneurs in your field. As they say, success leaves clues.

Our topic this week on one of our training calls was communication and success. We believe that all success in business comes down to effective communication among positive, like-minded individuals. It is so easy to get sucked in to the mediocre talk around what isn’t working or the negative self talk that we can often engage in. Instead, the call was talking about how a person can distance themselves from the “water cooler” banter and instead find themselves looking within themselves for their source of motivation and success.

Often we look to others to inspire and motivate us towards our goals. This can sometimes work, but it is never a long lasting solution. To truly find the motivation to work towards your goals, you must find a way to tap into your “why” and the reason you decided to set the goal in the first place. You are, in fact, the only person that can push you to reach your result. You are the ultimate cheerleader for your own life. While it is absolutely beneficial to be surrounded by those who also encourage you on your path, it ultimately comes down to the individual taking responsibility for the results they wish to experience in their life.

So the next time you feel down and look to reach out to someone to inspire or motivate you, look within yourself and come back to the reason you initially set the goal. If the reason is not enough to move you forward, then perhaps the goal isn’t big or exciting enough. We all have the ability to live the life we desire, let’s go out and make it happen!

To your success!


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  1. I will see you at the top because the Bottom is TOO crowded….

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