Personal Growth and Development

Isn’t it interesting in life when you keep experiencing the same adversities or challenges over and over again? It’s kind of like a bad deja vu that will not go away! I had the benefit of masterminding with some of my colleagues today about this very topic. Over the last couple of years I have been challenged by a personality type that would keep appearing in different forms, through different people in my life. It was truly bizarre. It was the strong, domineering female figure that kept showing up for me. In her presence (regardless of who it was), I would crumble or slouch away in the corner to avoid either confrontation and saying my truth. I was wondering why I was continually being thrown into these unique situations where I would have to deal with these types of personalities over and over again. I become very self-conscious around these women, to the point where I would simply conform to their ideals or behavior just to avoid confrontation.

Then, it hit me! I HADN’T LEARNED THE LESSON YET! Talk about a light bulb moment. The reason this personality type kept showing up for me was because I hadn’t learned the necessary tools to effectively handle myself in that situation. The Universe can be a tough teacher. I would not be free of this personality until I learned the lesson. So….I DID. I learned to speak my truth regardless of whether or not it would align with their beliefs and ideas. I learned to stand my ground and be proud of my accomplishments and traits that differed from them. I became aware of the way I was receiving their (what I thought was) criticism, and began to receive with love and gratitude for what it was truly teaching me.

It is so interesting because I don’t think that I actually stopped encountering the personality type, but it appeared that way because I had learned the lesson. I had learned to accept the personality type and find a way to co-exist while at the same time not compromising my beliefs and my truth. They are still in my life, but my perception has completely been altered.

I am eternally grateful for the lessons that are handed down to me from the Universe. There is a reason that I needed to confront that particular personality type at that exact time in my life. I believe that in order to truly learn the value of something, we must be ready to be the student. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You might ask yourself why you are continually faced with the same challenge over and over again. Perhaps there is a lesson waiting to be learned…

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