Personal Growth and Development

Wow! It has been a reeeeeallllly long time since I have posted on my blog 😦 I was wondering today why I have neglected something that used to make me feel so good? I absolutely love sharing my Personal Development wins and triumphs along the way. But, I guess just like with anything else, it does take a small amount of discipline to keep up to continue to get the results.

Last month I started a weekly fitness routine in order to get me into better shape for my wedding day (among other reasons!). I have been noticing that the more I go, the better I feel, AND the quicker the results show up. Just like anything in life worth attaining, getting into shape requires a certain level of discipline and consistency to get the result. While I have been consistent in my business and fitness, I had completely let my blog slide…..not good!

So here I am, back at it! This time, consistently! Because just like my fitness routine, if I want to see the results in my personal growth and be able to assist others too, I need to keep this up and be consistent. I challenge you to try this out in your life too. Pick an area in your life where you are not seeing the results you had envisioned, add a dose of consistency! The results may not show up right away, but you will eventually see the beautiful fruits of your labor. As they say, what you do today will show up in 90 days! So what will your life in 90 days look like?

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