Personal Growth and Development

How do the people around you play a part in your success? Do
they support you and motivate you to succeed? Or is it the opposite? Are the
people around unsupportive and do not positively contribute to your success at

These are all questions that we must ask ourselves from time
to time. Our Circle of Influence, the closest people to us, plays an important
role in our level of success or lack of it. We often assume that if we, as an
individual, possess enough drive and motivation that we can achieve anything.
Part of this is true, however, having supportive and driven people around you
will only increase your chances.

I take the example of when I was learning to ski. When I
started out I was very fearful. I stuck to the green runs thinking I was not
capable of anything more advanced. I would not push myself at all. That all
changed when I started to ski with a group. There is a group of our friends
that are avid skiers. They have all skied for year s and are all very talented.
They challenge themselves and try new things. One day I was invited to ski with
them. At first I was very nervous because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able
to keep up. Out of this fear I forced myself to keep up and go faster so they
wouldn’t always be waiting for me. This absolutely improved my skiing abilities
dramatically. Not only was I keeping up by the end of the season, I was going

By surrounding myself with people who were more talented
than me I was able to achieve bigger and better results. The same is with
success in any area of your life. If you continue to surround yourself with
people who believe in attaining average results, then that is what you will
achieve as well. Look to build friendships with people who think like you do
and watch the results come to fruition.

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