Personal Growth and Development

“How long would you give your average baby to walk?” This was a question that the legendary Jim Rohn would ask his audiences around the world. Most answers to the question include something like “as long as it takes” or “until they are successful.” Isn’t it interesting that we will not give up on an infant’s goal of walking, but we will give up on our own goals!

Babies who begin walking are generally between the ages of 9-18 months, give or take. The parents, the family and even the baby himself has his sights set on achieving this goal. Even if it takes him months to work it all out, he WILL walk. The same thing can be said for talking, learning the alphabet and all of the other functions we expect our babies to learn in infancy and as toddlers.

When was the last time you showed persistence like that to get the job done? When was the last time you encountered that kind of support from your friends and family for your goals? I think there is a massive lesson to be learned here with persistence and patience. So often we lack the determination and the patience to stick out our goals to the end. We so eagerly put a time limit on our dreams and their accomplishment. I think we should start approaching it like a baby learning to walk. Put in the time, the determination and the effort UNTIL you realize your goal. Do not stop yourself short. Think about if that baby had stopped before reaching his goal…we would have a lot of people crawling around!

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