Personal Growth and Development

Setting the Bar High

I had a look at my goals the other day and was a little taken aback at the mediocrity of them. I was looking to achieve small, insignificant goals that were not pushing me hard enough, nor motivating me! I often do this to myself; I set small, regular goals so that I don’t feel like a failure if I don’t accomplish them. They are not big or exciting, so achieving them doesn’t fill me with any sense of excitement or accomplishment.

What I have also done in the past is set the bar too high. I set out to achieve these enormous goals that I know will take me way too long to accomplish. They are not measurable. This also, makes me feel like a failure because the goals themselves are so far from achievable that I no longer have confidence in myself or my actions.

The trick is to set big enough goals to keep you driven and excited, but not too big that they are unreachable. Setting goals is great, but what is also required for them to be achieved is some sort of action plan. Take out a pen or pencil, write out your goals, but also write out the daily or weekly steps you will take in achieving them. It makes no sense to choose a destination and not know which path you will take to get there!

A great acronym to remember when setting your goals is S.M.A.R.T:

S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, R ealistic, T imeframed

I have a white board in my office and every Sunday evening I write out three weekly goals I would like to accomplish. Beside these goals I write my action steps. Since doing this on a weekly basis, I have been able to cross off many of the goals I have set for myself. In writing out my goals and the required action to make them happen, I am constantly reminded of my purpose and of the path that is required to get me to my destination!

Happy goal-setting!

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