Personal Growth and Development

Do you have a vision of yourself ten, twenty or even thirty years down the road? Are you successful or not? Are you living a life of your own design, or following someone else’s rules? Successful people often say that they knew what their success and their abundance would look like. That is, they had envisioned their future on so many occasions that it became so solidified in their minds.

Shane Krider calls this “communicating with your future self.” This means having a clear, strong vision of what it is we would like to accomplish. And when we are in moments of adversity or struggle we can look upon our future self for answers. My future self is abundant, successful, independent and on purpose. Do you think she ever let those situations of adversity slow her down? No! No matter what obstacles she encountered on her journey, she made it. When I feel unmotivated or uninspired, I look upon my future self for answers. She let nothing get in her way. She surmounted all obstacles and adversities until she reached her destination.

Visualization is such a remarkable tool that many people fail to utilize in their daily lives. The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts are a powerful vehicle to getting what you want. Therefore, if you visualize everyday the type of person you would like to become or the life you would like to lead, chances are you will be attracting those things into your life. This is not to say, however, that you can simply think success and it will find you. Success, while encouraged through positive visualization is also a combination of determination and action. So… get clear on your future self, visualize that life/person and make some bold decisions to take you there

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