Personal Growth and Development

Finish What You Start

I learned a very valuable lesson the other day as I was listening to an educational cd aimed at personal development. The lesson is to finish what you start. This makes sense, but why so important? They say that people on the whole are becoming unhappier with each generation. I believe this has to do with our desire to accumulate things. In the “old days” people worked hard and were used to delayed gratification. They knew that if they worked hard for what they wanted, eventually they would get it. Now, we want everything NOW…or yesterday, for that matter. No longer are we prepared to put the hard yards in to get what we want out of life. We prematurely back out of challenges and opportunities that seem too hard, or do not give us instant gratification.

If an individual continually stops halfway through a project or a venture, then what does that say about the individual? Not only do they let others down, but they let themselves down as well. If I always give up on projects then I am really telling myself that I am incapable of finishing anything. This mindset will hinder any challenge that I decide to take on because in the back of my mind I will constantly think I am unable to finish the task. You must self-validate yourself and prove to yourself that you ARE capable of taking ANYTHING on! The more you put things off, the more unqualified you label yourself.

Furthermore, it is the longer, more challenging projects in life that bring about the most intrinsic and extrinsic reward. Delay the gratification, finish what you start and begin to feel more fulfilled and in command of your ship!

Go on, finish painting the bathroom, tiling the entryway or landscaping the yard!

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