Personal Growth and Development

Who is Holding You Back?

How many times have you blamed somebody or something else for your misfortune? Do you often think if people or situations would be different you would succeed? Ever think that YOU are the one to blame?

People or things that hold you back in life are referred to as “Stoppers”. They are those people who are constantly telling you that you can’t do something, put down your ideas and are generally unsuportive. They can be your parents, friends, colleagues, or even your spouse. We all have them, but some people choose not to listen. If you allow the stoppers to influence your decisions and your life, then who is the one to blame? You! You are the only one that truly has control over your life. Your thoughts are your own, nobody else put them there.

I  have recently (in the last four months) embarked on a new career. Many people in my life were telling me the reasons not to do it, or why they felt it was a bad choice. At first I listened. I loved these people after all, and aren’t you supposed to take advice from the people you love? I found myself in a tug of war. On the one hand I loved what I was doing but felt unsupported by some important people in my life. So I decided to renegotiate. I realized that it was me that was to blame. I was allowing others’ thoughts to become influences in my life. I allowed those comments to become excuses for the reasons why I was unhappy and unsuccessful. I decided to take responsibility. I wanted to be the one in charge of my life and my influences. So here I am. Slowly, I am breaking through others’ judgements and I am filtering out my own thoughts.  I am only allowing those thoughts to be my influences. Only weak people make excuses for the mistakes they’ve made. Be strong, take responsibility for your self and your life.

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