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I recently heard a very amazing story about a scuba diving aventure involving humpback whales. As a scuba diver, myself, I know that no matter where the dive location, I am always thinking or fearing about what sea animals we may run into on that particular dive. The storyteller, Thomas Crum, told his tale very brilliantly and animatedly. The just of it was that he and his diving buddies had the opportunity to dive and swim with a pod of humpback whales. He said that at one point he was about five feet from the gigantic eye of the humpback whale. Surprisingly, he said he was not fearful. He felt amazingly at peace and calm next to this massive multi-ton mammal.

That is the amazing thing about those life-changing experiences isn’t it? We, as humans, give ourselves so little credit as to the immense coping abilities we possess during stressful and difficult times. Moments that we previously thought would scare or destroy us, actually make us stronger and more convinced of our capabilities.

Thomas Crum said, “Fear oscillates between past and future. Fear does not exist in reality.” Think about this statement. Apply it to an event that you have experienced that scared you. Were you really scared at the time? Or was it the expectation of fear or the thought of it afterwards that scared you?

I have always been scared of sharks. I have actually always been scared of the water. I was persuaded into obtaining my Open Water scuba diving certification a few years back before a trip to the British and US Virgin Islands. I was told I was going to be the only one on the boat who wouldn’t be diving. If you know me well enough, you know I hate to miss out on anything! So there I was, reluctantly, diving in the water where there might be sharks. You know how the Law of Attraction works- you think and fear something, and it will come find you! We rounded a corner of reef and there was our guide giving us the “shark” signal. Crap! I thought to myself. Now I am going to die. But it was the strangest thing…the moment I saw them (3) I was calm. My preconceived thoughts about how I would react left my conscious mind and I was left with an adrenaline-filled euphoria. I did not fear these sharks, I welcomed them. We swam alongside them for a while and then they swam off.

Remember this- fear does not live in the present. You bring fear from past experiences or futures worries. Do not let fear rule your life or become what it is that holds you back…

Happy Diving : )

Comments on: "Fear Doesn’t Exist…In the Present That Is" (1)

  1. Loved this article….I learned these principles in Seattle in the 80’s, but have fallen in the rabbit hole and am suffering from temporary paralysis….reading your article is reminiscent of finding a compass. There are always road maps marking our way out of fearful obstacles….thanks for yours. Will let you know when I come to the clearing. Be well and happy~

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