Personal Growth and Development

Health: What’s Missing?

Many people would say they make healthy choices everyday. They have a well-balanced diet, they don’t smoke, exercise regularly. These are all components of a healthy life. But is that all? Is this all it takes to be a healthy person? I thought so…for a long time. What about inner/emotional health? What about personal growth and development? So many people are thriving in their top shape healthy bodies, but barely surviving in their relationships with others and themselves.

What so many healthy regiments lack is personal development. I recently spent a week at a Personal Development conference. I was absolutely blown away by the experience I had at this event. There are so many simple day-to-day things that most of us are failing at doing. A good hand shake, eye-contact, communication, conflict resolution, goal-setting, the list goes on and on. When was the last time you consciously thought about your communication skills? The quality of your ability to greet others? These are some very crucial life and personal skills that are absent from so many of us and our daily events. Parenting, spousal relationships, work relationships could all use a little more personal development.

All of us could use a little growth, don’t you think? I don’t think anyone would argue that they wouldn’t want to be a better communicator, more goal-oriented, purpose-driven, be more able to resolve conflicts? The Self-Help section at the bookstore has acquired such a taboo-status in recent years. “Only the weird and desperate people shop there!” You might be surprised at the amazing selection of authors and works that you can find there. I truely believe that global positive change will occur on an individual basis. We all need to become better, more responsible human beings. This all starts with a little growth.

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