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Steer Clear of the Trees

Our latest holiday in Whistler got me thinking about my journey to success and the obstacles that I face along the way. While in Whistler we enjoyed some of their world-class skiing. This is only my second season on skis, prior to that I snowboarded for over ten years. When I made the switch to skiing I was looking for a challenge. Though I loved snowboarding, I no longer felt it challenged me in the way that it used to. I normally stick to groomed runs as they are easier to get down and they allow me the chance to practice my technique. In Whistler, however, I decided to push myself a little harder and see if I couldn’t conquer some tougher terrain. When I used to snowboard I would usually spend most of my time in the trees. I love getting to navigate around and see an area of the hill that most people don’t. The one rule that I always remembered when entering in the trees was “Look to where you want to go, don’t look at the trees.” This is a great rule. You generally go in the direction of your gaze. So often we are focused on the trees because we fear that we will hit them, but that just gets us moving in their direction.

This is also true with our goals. To put it into the skiing scenario…imagine that the trees are your obstacles and the terrain beyond the trees is your goal. The more you focus on the obstacle (trees) the more challenging it will be to avoid them or move past them. Keep your focus on your goal, (where you want to go) and the path to get there will be easy. Acknowledge your obstacles, but do not allow them to consume your journey. Keep your mind on your purpose and your destination, the road will become clear for you.

And the next time you are out skiing- Steer clear of the trees!

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  1. Barry MacLeod said:

    I “Love” your anology about the trees, I no longer ski (I now live in Saskatchewan) but have spent many awesome days skiing powder runs all over BC and was often asked, “aren’t you afraid of hitting a tree” My answer never changed as the focus required was always the same, well no I just tell my self that I am not interested in hitting a tree. I believe my attitude was so positive that I indeed never did hit a tree and my skill level increased by going outside my comfort level and developing new skills and solutions to any issue that came my way. “The power of positive thinking”

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